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Odoo and Bavaria - two that match. Why companies succeed with ITIS and Odoo in Bavaria:

Bavaria - the special state  – As a home state of strong economy and innovative, efficient businesses, Bavaria developed from an agricultural state to Germany`s technology center in the last decades.

Showing marginal unemployment figures and the presence of numerous successful companies, Bavaria is considered to be the true engine of Germany`s economy and recorded exclusive economic growth rates immediately after the global financial crisis in 2009. An auspicious location, for companies willing to kick off. Heading for your own success - wether startup or medium sized enterprise - you`re willing to be one step ahead in this fast moving environment. Become a dominant competitor in your business environment - with efficiant consulting of ITIS – and professional technical support by Odoo.

Wir kommen zu Ihnen - Odoo in Franken oder Odoo in Schwaben zu implementieren, ist kein Problem für uns. Wir kommen auch bis nach Nürnberg, denn für Odoo ist uns kein Weg zu weit.

Why Odoo ?

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Odoo  as a professional system in your company perfectly supports your striving for success, with it`s modern and individualizable concept. No matter how fast and in which direction your business develops - Odoo will not set boundaries to your plans and strategies. Odoo works for your success - for enterprizes with only one employee, as well as on global player level. Odoo`s biggest customer with more than 300,000 employees could also be supported appropriately, thanks to Odoo`s modular design.

Odoo Bavaria correlates to the German legislation. Simplify your business communication and data exchange with your customers - with ITIS and Odoo - your professional Odoo partner in Bavaria!

You can find more information about Odoo Bavaria on our website. 

Support the program of BAYERN DIGITAL

Bavarian companies now have the unique opportunity to introduce business software through the support program of the Bay. Ministry of Economic Affairs. The advantages of a suitable ERP system for a company are beyond the question.

In addition to optimizing and increasing efficiency, as well as the necessary information to make the right decisions in the company, there is now also money from free-time. Find out whether and to what extent your company is eligible for funding!

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Companies in Bavaria

Personal and competent Odoo partner in Bavaria

Your ERP system is an important factor for your business success and should be just as familiar to you as the "bavarian Brez`n". With the support of a consultant providing presence all over the bavarian region, you got the chance to know your system from the very start, beginning with the  Implementation Participate in all crucial processes, bring in all your requirements and needs and adjust the system as individual as possible to your business. Also throughout the further utilisation of Odoo, you can count on support by our experienced staff in the region around München . Mit Odoo in Augsburg und Odoo in Regensburg ist die IT IS AG ihr nächster Odoo-Partner. 

A servicepartner near you, also supports you increasing your employee's efficiency with  trainings and workshops  An employee with extensive know-how about the system will be able to exploit the full range of Odoo's opportunities for the benefit of your business. For further information about regional service partner and training programs click here .

Go for success - with Odoo in Bavaria!

Play in Bavaria`s champions league - the all in one business a package of Odoo.                 

Odoo   as license-free All-In-One Business Solution
displays all business sectors such as purchase,  Sale , CRM, production, warehousing, financial accounting, and much more. Odoo also provides full integration of website, web shop and POS solution. Due to its modular design, which allows you to activate just the modules that are crucial for your business, Odoo increases efficiancy in all of your business sectors. For more information about your possibilities with Odoo, click here .

During our annual Odoo roadshow in Bavaria, prospectives and users are informed about news and updates concerning the system. The interest in our latest roadshow showed us, that companies from all over Bavaria - Munich central, but also from the Munich region (Augsburg, Landshut, Rosenheim, Freising, Erding, Dingolfing, Munich Airport region - as well as Nürnberg, Regensburg, Deggendorf, Passau and other regions) consider Odoo to be an attractive enrichment for their enterprizes.

all in business a package of ODOO in bayern
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Odoo und Alfresco in Bayern

Als ERP-Profi kennen wir uns nicht nur mit Odoo aus. Wir nutzen und vertreiben auch erfolgreich das open-source DMS Alfresco.

Alfresco verbindet ECM (Enterprise Content Management) und BPM (Business Process Management), sodass Sie Dokumente und Informationen organisieren können. Auch die Darstellung von Prozessen und Workflows ist mit Alfreso möglich, sodass das Dokumentenmanagementsystem eine effiziente Arbeitsweise fördern kann.

Die IT IS AG nimmt kundenspezifische Anpassungen an Alfresco vor und verbindet Alfresco mit Odoo zu einer optimal nützlichen Einheit.

Erfahren Sie hier mehr zu Alfresco...

Odoo und Zimbra in Bayern

Zimbra ist eine OpenSorce-Software und ein E-Mail- und Groupware-Client. Das heißt mit Zimbra können Sie nicht nur die tägliche Arbeit mit Ihren E-Mails vereinfachen, sondern auch sämtliche Funktionen und Ergebnisse Ihrer Arbeit mit Ihren Kollegen teilen und so die Effektivität und Zusammearbeit steigern. 

Durch die Quelloffenheit des Programms sind individuelle Anpassungen an die Bedürfnisse Ihres Unternehmens durch die IT IS AG umsetzbar. So kann Zimbra z.B. auch mit Odoo verbunden werden, um aus den Synergien den größtmöglichen Nutzen zu ziehen. 

Erfahren Sie hier mehr zu Zimbra...

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Jobsuchende aufgepasst!

Wir sind auf der Suche nach kreativen Software-Architekten und Auszubildenden mit dem gewissen Etwas.


Consulting & Support Departments

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  IT IS AG   as Odoo partner in Bavaria and certified training partner operates nationwide. With it`s head office in Landshut, the Bavarian region is to be seen the main catchment area. We maintain personal contact with our customers and especially emphasize frequent contact to ensure our service quality and professional customer service. For more information about Odoo in Bavaria and our services please click here .

Further questions? We`re happy to help!

Benefit from our more than 18 years of experience in the ERP implementation with some 325 projects. More information available at the  IT IS Website .

We look forward to your request, feel free to call at: +49 (0)8703 90690

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Egal ob Odoo, Alfresco oder Zimbra und ob Sie in Würzburg, Regensburg oder Augsburg sitzen. Immer und überall schnell und einfach zu konfigurieren.  

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